Winslow Family Y-DNA Project

What are we doing?

This group was newly formed in April of 2005. Our initial surname of interest is Winslow. We are looking for additional participants and look forward to working with you. Individuals interested in collaborating on family history and using genetic testing to assist our research efforts are encouraged to join. The primary goal of the Winslow Family Y-DNA project is to bring better clarity and understanding of who the ancestors of the Winslow family are and assist the family members in their understanding of their heritage.

Who's Involved?

If you are a male with a Winslow surname and are interested in researching your direct paternal line further, you can participate in the Y-DNA test. This group study is using the DNA test that looks at a portion of the DNA called the Y chromosome. The Y chromosome is unique to males and can be used to identify one's direct paternal line. For this reason, females cannot contribute directly, but can find a male relative (father, brother, cousin, etc) to be tested as a representative of her line. Females can also participate through honorary memberships or by acting as a Group Coordinator.

What have we accomplished?

Since the start of the project we have accomplished the following objectives:

  1. We now have a 99% confidence of Kenelm Winslow (b.1599)  DNA fingerprint.

  2. We now have a 95% confidence of John Winslow (b.1597) DNA fingerprint.

  3. We now have a 99% confidence of Timothy Winslow (b.1654) DNA fingerprint.

  4. We were able to prove that the believe sons of Timothy, Thomas and John are indeed brothers.

  5. Timothy Winslow and his descendants are not direct descendants of Edward Sr. (b.1560)

We have proven that Timothy is not a descendant of John Winslow and Mary Chilton.

I think this has been a very productive effort to date and given we have such a good base of information; I believe we will continue to produce answers for the Winslow family for some time to come.

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